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Benjamin Travostino is a podiatrist and specialist in sport podiatry, initially trained at the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Toulouse, in diabetology, oncology, sports medicine and surgery. He has several years of experience as a practitioner within a podiatry clinic in Geneva.

He is a top-level sportsman; having participated several times at the EuropeanChampionships, medalist at the French and Swiss Championships, BenjaminTravostino benefits from an excellent expertise of the sports world, its requirements and expectations.

Benjamin Travostino is rigorous in his professional practice, always available to his patients, and listens attentively to their needs. He welcomes them to his new podiatry practice and sport podology office since 2018, in the heart of Geneva, in the district of Champel.

Benjamin Travostino

Training & Experience

  • Diploma in Podiatry and Medical Pedicure.
    Training Institute in Pedicure-Podology (IFPP), Toulouse, 2015.

  • K-Taping Diploma.
    Podo K-Taping International Academy, Grenoble, 2015.

  • University degree in podiatry and sports.
    Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences and Techniques (ISTR), Lyon (in progress).

  • Trained at the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Toulouse, in the services of
    diabetology, oncology, sports medicine and surgery.

  • Professional collaboration, within a cabinet, in Switzerland, of general chiropody and
    chiropody of sport, 2015-2018.

  • Sporting events, podiatry care in the field, advice and treatment of pathologies of the

  • Continuing education and participation in professional conferences.

  • Member of the Swiss Society of Podiatrists.

  • PODO'XYGENE member, association of chiropodists of the sport.

Société suisse des podologues
Podo'xygene podologue du sport
Reseau romand medecine exercice sport

Léna Marrocco

Léna Marroco is a chiropodist-podologist who graduated from the Ecole de formation paramédicale (EFOM) in Paris in 2017. She completed her training with several professional experiences, notably at the Annecy Hospital in Geneva. 


She specializes in medical pedicure, diabetology and sports podiatry.

A former high-level figure skater, Léna Marrocco was a member of the national team and participated in many international competitions including European and World Championships. 


This experience taught her rigour and discipline, qualities that she now puts to good use in her work as a pedicure-podologist.


Léna Marrocco is meticulous and her ability to listen to the patient allows her to meet his expectations.

Training & Experience

  • Diploma in Podiatry and Medical Pedicure.

  • Podiatry Pedicure Training Institute (IFPP), Paris, 2017.

  • Training in medical and sports podiatry

  • Training in Clinical Posturology.

  • Experiences at the Annecy Genevois Hospital Center (Geriatrics, psychiatry, diabetology).

  • PODO'XYGENE member, association of sports podiatrists.


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When to consult us?

In cases of epidermal and nail infections of the foot, deformity of the foot or severe pain in the toes, heel, ankles or the plant, often symptoms of defective plumb.

Pain in the hip, knee, or back - which is a possible sign of postural imbalance, podiatry and orthopedic insoles also help to relieve or effectively treat pain points.

The management of the podiatrist specialist and its field of action is not limited to the foot and also include pathologies that affect the entire lower limb, balance and motor skills.

Skin damage and structural and articular deformities of the foot can cause disabling pain. In order not to aggravate the situation, it is advisable to consult quickly and to entrust the care and the treatment of these podiatry pathologies to a specialist. A medical pedicure is also performed.

BT PODOLOGIE provides care to each of its patients and delivers them with appropriate treatment and a personalized follow-up.


Pathology and treatment

The podiatrist performs a series of effective and painless treatments that instantly relieves the patient. To correct the curvature of the nail during regrowth and prevention of recurrence, orthonyxis is a particularly indicated treatment.

The treatment performed by the chiropodist is painless. It involves cleaning the affected parts of the nail with a turbine and performing if onychoplasty, to guide the nail during its regrowth and allow it to optimize its aesthetic appearance.

If with the acquisition of walking and the growth of the child, the foot struggles to correct itself, the wearing of soles made to measure, with a vault support whose objective is to help the foot to arching and decreasing the internal rocker can be useful and relieve pain.

The wearing of orthopedic insoles relieves the joint and eases these pains and discomforts generated by these localized pressure points. The use of cushioning materials in the design of the soles are meant torestore comfort to walking

It is a question of analyzing a possible static disorder of the foot which will have to be corrected with the wearing of orthopedic insoles made to measure. They will unload the painful area. Orthoplasty can also be effective.

Our orthopedic insoles

A postural imbalance or a hereditary problem can modify the structure of the foot and the support zones, causing pain and discomfort when walking.

Orthopedic insoles can correct these postural dysfunctions and remedy some pain. They will promote a biomechanical realignment and strengthen the muscle tone of the lower limbs.

Because each patient is unique and their specific needs, our orthopedic insoles are made to measure, according to a detailed clinical examination, a footprint and a
postural analysis.

BT PODOLOGIE offers a complete service that includes all these exams, the design of orthopedic insoles, the follow-up and the necessary adjustments.

realisation semelles orthopediques geneve champel

1. Analysis of walking and running

2. Modeling of the foot

3. Achievement of the soles


Podiatry of sport

Specialized in sport podiatry, BT PODOLOGIE meets the needs of any professional or amateur athlete, either as a preventive measure or in the case of pain caused by sports (running, dance, swimming...).

To better treat the different pathologies of the athlete, we regularly collaborate with doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, coaches or physical trainers.
Our coordinated approach, within the medico-sports environment, brings you global expertise and effective solutions.

Whatever your sports discipline, BT PODOLOGIE performs personalized podiatry care and accompanies you in your recovery until your recovery.

BT Podologie accompanies you

Our specialized treatments and advice help to :

• Improve your performance
• Optimize your recovery
• Increase your comfort
• Strengthen your neuromuscular balance
• Prevent injuries

Sports events and competitions

BT PODOLOGIE is also involved in the field, for advice, guidance on the choice of footwear as well as for treatment and specialized care.

You organize a sporting event?
Contact us to establish a collaboration.


Où nous trouver ?

Notre cabinet de podologie vous accueille dans un cadre chaleureux et d’excellence technique, à Champel, au cœur de Genève. 

Nous effectuons également sur demande nos soins, pédicures médicales et traitements à domicile à Genève ou au sein d’établissements médico-sociaux (EMS).


Rue Marignac 9 

1206 Genève


+41 (0)22 552 02 00


Lundi au vendredi

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Souterrain Coop à 150 m 

Rue Monnier, 1206 Genève



Arrêt Florissant : bus 1, 5, 8 Arrêt Claparède : bus 1, 3, 5 ,7 

CEVA : Champel Gare à 150 m

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